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At last i finished the 3rd level

we are going to play the alpha next :)

awesome work! I look forward to seeing you progress through the game! you actually got the last boy in that level in a way ive never seen before!

thanks for watching, i hope you enjoy it :)

thanks for cousin to play it with me so we could finish this game :)

press 6 and right shift!? wtf!? i don't have a right shift on my keyboard. and why was 4 jump. wtf are these controls and how do i change them?? unplayable

the 2 player 1 keyboard controls are chosen to avoid n-key rollover. But regardless the mode is cramped and the buttons are strange. If you're playing co-op id highly reccomend controllers. If you're playing single player, those keyboard controls are much more normal

i don't own/like controllers. should just allow custom controls. unity has an input rebind built in. just use that.


I can play the game now but you must fix the bugs because i can pass through the walls. You must organize the control scheme. and jumping mechanic is so bad you must fix it.Without these problems the game looks so good.

Add a 32 bit version. I really want to play it.

Added, not sure if it will work, but you can be our Guinea Pig!

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Good afternoon, I would like to know if the game can put two people, one in one house and another in another house, playing mutiplayer, you probably already explained that in the description, but I don't understand English very much


You can't do this from within the game, but some people have played online using Parsec co-play:


Le graphisme est bien fait.

The graphics are well done.


Oh my god this looks amazing!


Voici la suite avec le niveau 2

Here are the following with level 2

it says the video is unavailable?

The video will be released this Friday at 14:00.


Voici mon premier Gameplay du jeu, ce jeu est bien fait pour 1 ou 2 joueur.

Here is my first gameplay of the game, this game is well done for 1 or 2 player.


level 2


this game is fun for 2 player so we played it as 2 player :)


My brother and I had fun with this one. Really cute visuals. My only criticism would be that the difficulty curve is pretty aggressive, especially on level 3

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Thank you! Glad you both had fun :D

do we can rotate which side we could take the camper?  on level 3, both pink and blue camper only take up side

you can not rotate! keep exploring the level...

i mean, how can you rotate those camper like in the 4th picture (the gif where the blue camper get L shape)


campers cannot be rotated/rearranged, if you keep exploring you will see how to get the L shape :)

Quick Update! Our most recent upload included Save data from another playthrough. We've updated the download on itch to fix this. To enjoy the full game from the start, please delete the "saves" folder to refresh the game. Sorry for the confusion!!!

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If you downloaded Trail Mix and you started at the level door for a level called 'Roll Away' please either head to the left of the level select to reach the first level or delete your save file.


It was great seeing you at Level Up, the game was lots of fun! Can't wait to support the official release. 

2 Person 1 Keyboard mode?

planned, should be in for 1.0 <3


Got the chance to try this game at the Level Up showcase and I'm glad it's available for download! A fun cooperative puzzle platformer that encourages a lot of teamwork and problem solving. What really brings the game together is the amazing art style and level design. You can tell the developers have a lot of experience with these kinds of games and really knew what they were doing.


Man, this looks really nice! Love the art style. I'll have to give it a go with my brother when it comes out.