A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Note: For anyone playing on MacOS Catalina who is having trouble launching the game:

  1.  run chmod -R +x "Trail Mix 1.51 Mac.app" in the terminal
  2. right click on it and choose "open", it should give you dialogue with an option to launch the game.

Questions? Press Inquiries? Hints For Puzzles? Contact us! puzzsoftentertainment@gmail.com

Trail Mix is a Local Co-op Puzzle Platformer focused on facilitating teamwork and communication between two players. The two players must gather their lost campers and traverse the wilderness. Collected campers attach to the players and form strange shapes, which can be used to navigate the wilderness and solve challenging puzzles.



  • True, Unabashed, Friendship testing co-op gameplay
  • 15 Beautiful, Mysterious, Challenging Levels
  • Hilarious, charming, hand-drawn aesthetics
  • Immersive, Adaptive Audio
  • Secrets! Lots and lots of little secrets and details.
  • Save Files, tracking completion, collectables, fastest times, and more...
  • Experimental, mind melting design. Seriously, it gets weird folks.

You can also play single player, switching between characters with the shift key or select button, but only co-op will provide the true experience.

Trail Mix is a game developed by:
JohnLee Cooper, Michael Guattery, Marty Daniels, and Rachel Theil

With sound by:
Ryan Maxwell, Patrick Flattery, and Colman Xie

Puzzsoft on Twitter:

Puzzsoft on Email:

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
Tags2D, Co-op, Difficult, Hand-drawn, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Puzzle-Platformer, Unity, watercolor
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Trail Mix 1.51.zip 199 MB
Trail Mix 1.51 Mac.app.zip 204 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play!

Can be played multiplayer with 2 controllers or 1 controller and 1 keyboard.

NEW: Can be played be played 2 player 1 keyboard, though it can be uncomfortable or run in to key ghosting problems.

Can be played single player with 1 controller ('select' switches which character you control) or 1 keyboard ('shift' switches).

If you don't have controllers and the title screen wont work, make sure you dont have anything running that might be considered a virtual controller, like vJoy.

NEW: slow down time with the - key, speed up time with the + key. This is for debugging / accessibility purposes. the 0 key resets the game to it's intended speed


Development log


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can i play it on 32bit

As far as I know, I don't think so. We tried doing a 32 bit build a while ago and it worked for me, but I don't think it worked for the person who requested it.

can u suggest some similar coop game 

LOL uhh ibb and obb is kinda a similar vibe, boxboy + boxgirl i havent played but its mechanics are very similar. Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy for PS1 is a big influence.

I have no idea whether or not any of these will run on a 32bit pc tho lol. I can try making another 32 bit build of Trail Mix tho if you wanna test it?

Give me some hint 

woah! an admirable effort to try to clip your way towards the cigarette, but that's not how I would get it, so I'm not sure if it'll work. There's a very different approach that will work where you don't have to deal with those walls at all. It might be tricky in single player, but it should still be possible.


Thanks a lot! I will try flying to it first

It surprisingly works!!!!!

But I cannot find the lipstick




I complete "Lure of Mine" in two rounds. According to my observation, cigarette and lipstick cannot be both got in one round. Am I true?

correct! its fun watching your progress through this. Few, if any, have collected All Cigarettes. I hope you can be the first!


aha!very incredible you build this wonderful game!!

extreme flex! congrats!


Looking forward to a new version! Before that, I could only try to get the cigarettes inside the wall TAT

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help me!!please!!



the puzzle right in front of the yellow wall must be fully solved to progress.

As for the cigarettes, they are all very difficult, and often require out of the box thinking. go back to old levels with new knowledge and explore.


thank your reply!!


but I need more help!!This is a good game!!

How can I play this game with my remote friends?


you can use the program Parsec to play online with people!

cool game, unfortunately when i try to connect a controller the game crashes, i still haven't found a work-aroundfor this problem :(

O_o that's a new one. What platform are you on, and what kind of controller are you connecting?

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windows 8.1 pro 64 bit, im connecting a generic controller via bluetooth but it doesnt seem to run while its connected

update: i tried using x360ce still crashes

update i launched the game inside steam and managed to get my controllers to work :D

thats good to hear! I have no idea what caused those problems but thank you for keeping us updated. Hope you enjoy the game


My friend and I have solved the first several levels in an hour.Then we spend even more time exploring the brilliant and hidden mechanisms by which we are truly amazed.

However,it is not often that we are available to get together and play along.So,the lack of saving IN the level frustrates us a lot.If you can fix this,we'll be grateful and more motivated.Thanks again!


I am surprised and grateful to the game editor for his enthusiasm and courtesy. Of course, the game itself is also very good.

How to install after downloading

on windows you unzip and then run trailmix.exe.

On Mac you might have to do some annoying workarounds to get it to run:

Note: For anyone playing on MacOS Catalina who is having trouble launching the game:

  1.  run chmod -R +x "Trail Mix 1.5 Mac.app" in the terminal
  2. right click on it and choose "open", it should give you dialogue with an option to launch the game.

Nice work!Will you develop an online version?


you can use the program Parsec to play online with people! We aren't really going to be able to make our own online co-op for this but I've tried with Parsec and it works quite well. Hope that helps!





Extremely fun and challenging game! Thanks for developing this super time killer that kills most of my brain cells. Have you consider adding check points so it's easier to think about how to reach cigarettes and lipsticks?

same here



Note: For anyone playing on MacOS Catalina who is having trouble launching the game:

  1.  run chmod -R +x "Trail Mix 1.5 Mac.app" in the terminal
  2. right click on it and choose "open", it should give you dialogue with an option to launch the game.

Awesome puzzle game for two players! I just wish there was an option to undo a false move without restarting the entire level.

same here


This is brilliant. One of the best games on the website imo.

hell ye <3


this game is amazing me and my sister play it a lot and i love that its free

thanks! I love that people are still finding it and enjoying it!


Insane that it's free! you should publish it on steam! me and my sister loved it!

(1 edit) (+2)

I love the art style and animations! ( btw keep up the good work )


This game is just amazing, and its for free! I love Trial Mix

hello there is a bug can anyone help the game  dosent wanna linstal it stuck at 67% im using download manager and even im re downloading it just dosent want tp work  im in win10 and i downloaded other games from this web and it was working rly good if anyone can help that would be good

also im 64 bit win10

(1 edit)

edit: link updated for 1.5

Weird, you're the second person who's had trouble downloading, I have no idea why that would be, I can download just fine in browser, though I don't use a download manager. I'll see if I can get it figured out but in the mean time, here's a google drive link to the same file, let me know if this works. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FCM7INwQ-RGw4H_3jYGooBRkHxuZdUWL/view?usp=shari...


oh sorry for the delay i almost forgotten about the game and i tried it now and it works fine thank you very much for helping 

Your game did not work/run , is it a bug? (Win 7,32bit ).Even though i extract it :((

Hope you will fix it out

ye sorry, the game doesn't seem to run on 32bit systems, and we've had a hard time actually testing that since we don't have any. Does it not launch at all? can you get to the title screen? Curious where exactly it breaks.

i dont know if its the game but every time i install it it cancels

what platform are you on? any other details? I'd love to help you download it properly.


Hi i made an account just to comment on how great the game is. My girlfriend and I played this game and she is not a gamer but loved the puzzles and thought the game was very cute (like how the two players smile at each other but are sad when over a screen apart). The puzzles are challenging just the right amount, definitely not too easy and not so difficult that we get stuck for hours. Visuals are great, experienced no problems or glitches, can't find any other kinds of faults. Music is good, can't say I love it but that is personal preference. Perhaps some feedback is we found some levels where it is quite difficult to tell what is background and what is platform. I would rate this 9/10 as it was such a fun experience to play through. There was even a moment in one of the levels where we were trying for about 15 minutes to set up to get a lipstick, for us to burst out laughing out of sheer frustration when she was meant to catch a camper but instead threw one off the ledge. Definitely a moment to remember. Thank you so much for your time and effort in making this amazing game, and helping random people around the world like us smile.

Hi! Hopefully this reply isn't too late but thank you so much for taking the time to play our game. Reading stuff like this is amazing and we're really happy that you and your girlfriend were able to enjoy it. <3

How do you get the first two children in One Horse Town in singleplayer? It was impossible to throw the other guy up

You only need to collect one child to beat One Horse Town! The others are optional, and can be difficult to get, especially in single player. try playing more of the other levels and coming back later.


Strangest thing: I could complete Richard and Too Much Honey; but with The Bite, I can't get past the hill.


And now, I'm stuck at the end of that "glitchy" one, the name escapes me. Same problem as The Bite: No matter what I do, only one character can progress.


Nevermind about The Bite. Figured it out.


This little thread was so satisfying to read! keep at it, puzzsoft is rooting for you! that last set of puzzles in This Game Busted is a tricky lot...




America Today beat. collected the cig, not the lipstick


At last i finished the 3rd level

we are going to play the alpha next :)

awesome work! I look forward to seeing you progress through the game! you actually got the last boy in that level in a way ive never seen before!

thanks for watching, i hope you enjoy it :)

thanks for cousin to play it with me so we could finish this game :)

press 6 and right shift!? wtf!? i don't have a right shift on my keyboard. and why was 4 jump. wtf are these controls and how do i change them?? unplayable

the 2 player 1 keyboard controls are chosen to avoid n-key rollover. But regardless the mode is cramped and the buttons are strange. If you're playing co-op id highly reccomend controllers. If you're playing single player, those keyboard controls are much more normal

i don't own/like controllers. should just allow custom controls. unity has an input rebind built in. just use that.


I can play the game now but you must fix the bugs because i can pass through the walls. You must organize the control scheme. and jumping mechanic is so bad you must fix it.Without these problems the game looks so good.

Add a 32 bit version. I really want to play it.

Added, not sure if it will work, but you can be our Guinea Pig!

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You can't do this from within the game, but some people have played online using Parsec co-play: 



Le graphisme est bien fait.

The graphics are well done.


Oh my god this looks amazing!


Voici la suite avec le niveau 2

Here are the following with level 2

it says the video is unavailable?

The video will be released this Friday at 14:00.


Voici mon premier Gameplay du jeu, ce jeu est bien fait pour 1 ou 2 joueur.

Here is my first gameplay of the game, this game is well done for 1 or 2 player.


level 2


this game is fun for 2 player so we played it as 2 player :)


My brother and I had fun with this one. Really cute visuals. My only criticism would be that the difficulty curve is pretty aggressive, especially on level 3

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! Glad you both had fun :D

do we can rotate which side we could take the camper?  on level 3, both pink and blue camper only take up side

you can not rotate! keep exploring the level...

i mean, how can you rotate those camper like in the 4th picture (the gif where the blue camper get L shape)


campers cannot be rotated/rearranged, if you keep exploring you will see how to get the L shape :)

Quick Update! Our most recent upload included Save data from another playthrough. We've updated the download on itch to fix this. To enjoy the full game from the start, please delete the "saves" folder to refresh the game. Sorry for the confusion!!!

(1 edit)

If you downloaded Trail Mix and you started at the level door for a level called 'Roll Away' please either head to the left of the level select to reach the first level or delete your save file.

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